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A partnership of TSOF & RSOF

Finding one company that can handle every aspect of a fiber optic assembly can seem challenging. XSOF™ is a strategic partnership between Tratech Specialty Optical Fibers, LLC (TSOF) and R Specialty Optical Fibers, LLC (RSOF), and your one-stop shop for everything from design to the delivery of your custom fiber optic assemblies.

XSOF™ services include product development, R&D, design, building, assembly and more–everything you need for a custom fiber optic solution. Whether you have a detailed drawing or simply an idea of the product you want, we will work with you to make that concept a reality.



Our custom products are application-specific and we work with customers to create the best solution for them.


XSOF™ bundle arrays are always crafted with care and attention to quality to ensure that they meet our customers’ expectations.



XSOF™ manufactures specialty high-power laser cables with an attention to detail that is necessary for a range of applications.


We manufacture fiber optic probes with repeatable, reliable precision that can suit the needs of many applications.



XSOF™ works with a broad range of industries and as a result, we can manufacture an even wider range of custom and customized products. Whether you’re looking for a custom design or you have a defined product, we’ll manufacture the solution that suits your needs. Our typical products include high-power laser cables, fiber optic probes, and bundles & arrays, each crafted with care to meet or exceed your expectations and standards.


Quality is paramount to everything XSOF™ does. In every step of the design and manufacturing process, we integrate our Quality Assurance Program to guide our operation. We hold ISO 9001:2015 conformance certifications for both XSOF™ East & West locations.

About Us

XSOF™ is a team of scientists, technologists, engineers, and business professionals all dedicated to manufacturing innovative fiber assemblies and developing custom solutions for a wide range of applications. We bring decades of experience to craft the perfect resolution to any challenge our customers bring.