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Illumination Bundles

XSOF™ specialty fiber optic products are utilized in a variety of illumination applications. Many take the form of piping large amounts of light to a specific area for imagery, surgery, microscopy, and any other application where a bright source without the heat or size of a regular lamp is required. Illumination applications are typically white light and satisfied by using low temperature or soft glass fibers made from borosilicate glass. This glass is inexpensive, accepts a wide angle (high NA), and small diameter for easy routing without breaking.

There is a drawback to this particular application. The loss is high, so cable lengths are limited to 6-10 feet. However, there are times when a specialty illumination project or requirement is demanded, for example:

  • Where the wavelengths are in the UV or NIR 
  • There are unique requirements for length (longer than 15 feet)
  • Temperature (above 135 C or below -40C)
  • Optical modification of the fiber optic input or output is required

In situations like this, XSOF™ applies specialty materials and components to find solutions to these more unique problems.

Typical borosilicate illumination applications and sources look similar to the pictures shown here.

Illuminators 1
Illuminators 2

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