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Our Team

Read on to meet the members of our management team!

Matt Webb–CEO

Matt is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Specialty Optical Fibers LLC (SOF) and CEO of RSOF  and TSOF, representing the 5th, 6th, and 7th  specialty fiber optic companies that Matt founded or co-founded. An entrepreneur, manager, technologist, engineer, salesperson, and businessman, Matt is passionate about customers, quality, the people he works with, and continuous organizational improvement.

Over the course of nearly four decades of entrepreneurship developing specialty fiber optic solutions for some of the most challenging problems, while building organizations to provide those solutions, Matt has developed a proven track record of success. From unique one-offs, such as a fiber optic telescope for NASA’s New Horizons Mission to Pluto, to volume manufacturing, establishing facilities in the USA, or transferring manufacturing internationally to both Europe and Asia, Matt has addressed a wide range of structural, organizational, technological and cultural challenges on a regional, national and international level. 

Matt earned a BA in Natural Sciences and Mathematics from Thomas Edison University and an MBA from The College of William and Mary.

Matt Webb

Neal Robinson–OF Counsel

Neal is a Co-Founder, OF Counsel, and VP of Strategic Opportunities of XSOF . While continuing to practice law specializing in corporate structure, strategy, finance, and M&A, he is also engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors of various kinds.

Neal is a serial entrepreneur but began his career in corporate America, becoming the CFO of Braniff Airlines when he was only 29 years old. He is widely credited with inventing the airline industry’s loyalty program, now commonly referred to as frequent flyer miles.

Since then, Neal has started or acquired, operated, sold, or merged various entities across many industries, including voice recognition software, pay-day loans, and telephone arbitraging, which is the company that became SPRINT. Neal has also consulted with, or acted as legal counsel for, dozens of major entities ranging from casino operations to fiber optic manufacturing and on topics including corporate structure, operations, finance, IPOs, M&A, and IP.

Neal is a JD and CPA and has an MBA.

Neal Robinson

Lisa Young–VP of Sales

Lisa is a Co-Founder of RSOF and now VP of Sales for XSOF™ comprised of both R Specialty Optical Fibers LLC (RSOF) and TraTech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC (TSOF). Lisa brings 30 years of experience to the company, with more than 20 years focused on Specialty Optical Fibers devices and assemblies. Lisa’s extensive background in various roles enables her to view solutions from outside the box but always with a customer-centric focus.

From concept to product and from prototype to production, Lisa has demonstrated the skill to solve customer problems by bringing to bear the resources and capabilities of her technical and fabrication teams. She has managed products over entire life cycles, overcome obstacles, and achieved optimal results keeping customer success foremost in mind.

Lisa’s role as VP of Sales gives her the responsibility and authority to ensure that customer needs are met, scheduling is accurate, and delivery promises are kept while supporting strict quality standards and meeting cost targets.

Lisa Young

Derick Scherberger–COO

Derick is a Partner and COO of XSOF. Derick brings 23 years of ever-increasing responsibilities and experience in operations management and fabrication of Specialty Optical Fibers devices and assemblies. Besides operations experience, Derick came through the ranks. He had an extensive background, including machining, machine part design, developing product-specific jigs, fixtures, tooling, and procedures, and processing, including developing unique polishing and inspection capabilities. Derick prides himself on being a hands–on operations leader and an asset for any customer.

From one-off prototyping to production volumes of hundreds of thousands, Derick has demonstrated the skill to manage operations over a complete product life cycle while complying with ISO-quality standards and managing an active CAPA system.

Derick’s role as COO gives him the responsibility and authority to guide projects throughout the build, ensure that customer needs are met, and the schedule is accurate, and keep delivery promises while supporting strict quality standards and implementing cost controls.

Derick Scherberger

Mark Cooley–Engineering Manager

Mark is the Engineering Manager for XSOF™  and is responsible for Engineering at the OR and VA sites. With over ten years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Mark has worked in the specialty fiber optics market, specifically the high-power assembly space, most recently for TraTech Fiberoptics Inc. (TFI). 

Upon the acquisition of TFI by TSOF  LLC in January 2018, Mark stayed as Production Manager. During that time, Mark managed staff, defined procedures, and processes, contributed to the successful implementation and achievement of ISO 9001, and contributed substantially to every TSOF  design success. His engineering success led to Mark accepting the Engineering Management role of XSOF™ in 2022.

Mark Cooley

Dave Tracy–CTO

Dave is a Co-Founder and CTO of TraTech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC, now dba, XSOF  which is a combination of both TSOF and RSOF with sites in both Oregon and Virginia. With over 30 years working in high-power fiber optics, Dave has broad experience in design, manufacture, applications, and problem-solving with specialty optical fiber assemblies.   

Early in his career, Dave was Engineering Manager for Richard Losch Inc., specializing in applying fibers to laser transmission. He is now responsible for designing several fiber terminations for the industry’s everyday use. Subsequently, Dave founded Tratech Fiberoptics, Inc. in 2003, the assets of which were acquired in January 2018 to form TraTech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC (TSOF), with Dave staying on as CTO. 

Dave is an experienced and skilled technologist and problem solver, committed to putting customers’ needs first while balancing superior quality and performance against value and reliability considerations.

Dave Tracy

Nancy Gsell-Webb–CFO

Nancy is a Co-Founder and CFO of SOF, TSOF, RSOF and by extension now XSOF™. Managing the financing and financial health of the entities, TSOF in Bend, OR and, RSOF in Williamsburg VA, Nancy ensures the entities have the financial resources they need to meet the seen and unforeseeable. Prior to that she was a co-founder and CFO of RoMack Inc., a specialty fiber optic entity that she helped grow and operate for 15 years prior to its sale to a multi-billion dollar multi-national, Leoni Fiber Optics GmbH a subsidiary of LEONI AG. Nancy has a passionate devotion to customers and “doing it right the first time”. Her continuous learning in point of view focuses on organizational strength that she sees as perhaps the strongest asset for a company to maintain as it grows. Nancy has developed a proven track record of success working with small, fast moving, highly entrepreneurial, highly technical entities where infrastructure is lagging and adapting to an ever changing landscape of unpredictable financial demands are to be expected. Nancy has a BS from Radford University.

Nancy Gsell-Webb

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XSOF™ has the most responsive and experienced teams in the world, able to work in your most difficult specialty fiber optic applications. We deliver solutions that solve your unique problems within your budget and timeline, giving you a competitive edge. For more information about our services, contact us today with any questions or project ideas that you have.


Quality is paramount to everything XSOF™ does. In every step of the design and manufacturing process, we integrate our Quality Assurance Program to guide our operation. We hold ISO 9001:2015 conformance certifications for both XSOF™ East & West locations.

About Us

XSOF™ is a team of scientists, technologists, engineers, and business professionals all dedicated to manufacturing innovative fiber assemblies and developing custom solutions for a wide range of applications. We bring decades of experience to craft the perfect resolution to any challenge our customers bring.