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How Custom Fiber Solutions by XSOF™ Are Tailored to Perfection

XSOF™ is ‘client forward’ specializing in custom fiber optic solutions and products for the most difficult applications. We are a team of professionals–scientists, technologists, engineers, and business professionals–with broad experience that work together to ensure our clients receive the quality products necessary for their needs. 

Tailored to you

Custom fiber optic products are the backbone of what we do at XSOF™. We are a company continuously finding innovative solutions to common and complex problems in the field of fiber optics. We use our ‘toolbox’, a vast inventory of solutions, including customized end fittings, cables, materials, assembly techniques, and knowledge to combat the challenges that our clients face. 

We personalize our service and response in order to best address the needs of each client. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements completely before developing a plan of action to find the best design and process in order to bring that solution to life, drawing on our ‘toolbox’ to shorten development time and cost. All of our products are built-to-order, so regardless, if you need a single fiber assembly or a multi-legged fiber optic bundle, you’ll get a product that is custom-made for your specific application. 

Vast custom fiber optic solutions available

XSOF™ is a leader in manufacturing custom fiber optic assemblies. We can create unique fiber optic bundles for applications that require increased flexibility and custom fiber mapping, with a variety of designs available, from spot-to-line converters to vacuum environments and everything in between. Our high-power laser cables take into account every aspect of your design, including power, wavelength range, AR coatings, cladding mode stripping, heat dissipation, and environment. 

In addition, XSOF™ is one of only a few companies with years of experience in packaging, sealing, end capping, polishing, and terminating PCF and HCPCF fibers, as well as working with several other specialty fibers like LMA, chalcogenide, or Fluoride glasses, and more standard fibers that are applied in unique ways such as SM, SM/PM, and MM Larger core fibers. We have many options available for you. 

XSOF™ is also a trusted manufacturer of various custom fiber optic assemblies for use in QA monitoring or metrology measurement equipment requiring robustness and versatility from the laboratory to the most harsh environments, or for access to difficult spaces including micro-miniature applications. Our probes and assemblies are intuitive, user-friendly, and can be customized to provide adjustable features for changeable tips or components. What you need defines our next product made just for you. 

XSOF™ is one of the most experienced manufacturers of custom fiber optic products. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.