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Serving High Power Fiber Optic Applications at XSOF™

One of the many different custom fiber optic assemblies that XSOF™ makes is products for high-power applications. High-power laser cables are a unique type of fiber optic product, used typically in operations such as marking, engraving, cutting, and welding. And not only do we manufacture these, we build them specially to meet the requirements of each of our customers. That means that our team takes into account the powder needed in the end application, the wavelength, different AR coatings, cladding mode stripping, heat dissipation, and any environmental concerns when creating each design. 

Several customization options available

HP2.5 Fiber Optic Termination

The HP2.5 is a type of fiber optic assembly consisting of a fiber fused to a beam-expanding end cap, which is in turn fused to the silica capillary tube. This creates an epoxyless termination that is easy to clean and non-absorbing, eliminating the problems with free-standing fiber tip designs. This type of end capping is perfect for high-power applications such as fiber lasers and diode pump applications. 

Stainless SMA Air Gap Connectors

This stainless steel connector style is most commonly used in medical applications and general laser coupling. While an older design, it’s still an excellent and reliable one that continues to work today, which is why it’s still one of our options. 

Copper SMA Connectors

The copper SMA design is very similar to the stainless steel one, but the use of a coppery alloy promotes machinability, robustness, and heat conduction! This type is also available as a free-standing air gap, and is one that we’ve been manufacturing for over twenty years. 

Copper TD-80 Connectors

For applications that require more heat management, XSOF™ developed the Cu TD-80, which can handle twice as much heat as copper SMA connectors.

All Glass Fused End Caps

Fused-end caps are easy to clean and epoxyless, and excellent for the high-power applications, as it eliminates the problems associated with free-standing fiber tip designs. Modestripping occurs inside the transparent ferrule which protects the assembly against mis-coupled or back-reflected light. XSOF™ allows customers to order just the fused end cap or order the full cable assembly, based on their needs. 

Large Format Fiber Optic Connectors

One of the things that sets XSOF™ apart is our ability to develop connectors for nearly any size of fiber. We incorporate the best commercially available techniques, materials, and methods for power handling and reliability. 

Cladding Mode Strippers (CMS)

CMS are a section of fiber surrounded by suitable materials that prevent guiding within the cladding, preventing unwanted energy from damaging the cable. This is essential for high-power laser cables. 

Water Cooling

Water cooling mechanisms are another excellent way to protect cables from the high heat generated by high-power applications. 

Looking for a manufacturer of custom fiber optic assemblies?

XSOF™ is one of the most experienced suppliers of custom fiber optic solutions for a wide range of industries. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you!